Health Regulatory Science Platform (HRSP) is a newly registered Division of Wits Health Consortium. Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Limited (WHC) is wholly owned by the University of the Witwatersrand which provides support to its divisions - primarily through its Faculty of Health Sciences. Some of the activities include – commissioning research, managing donor-funded activities, pursuing entrepreneurial innovation in health and supporting clinical trials.

With the global call for improved access to quality health care and therapeutic interventions, and the emerging problems of health security, HRSP has positioned itself as an innovative, flexible quality assured, basic and advanced training platform and generation of models and pathways in regulatory science.

The objective of regulatory science informed by good policies, is to ensure that regulations are in the public interest. HRSP is a neutral platform to bridge the gap and help shape the relationship between the state, citizens and businesses. This is an integral part of effective regulation and good practices in public governance. An integral part of this work entails generating evidence on regulatory frameworks to ensure they are informed and justified, as well as promote quality decision making.

HRSP aims to support the development models and deployment of e-learning and structured experiential learning and decision-making tools. This will entail creation of knowledge hubs for information exchange on regulatory science that will provide a strategic / think-tank function in order to monitor / engage local and global policy developments and mobilize the appropriate constituencies and responses. This will be achieved through local and global partnerships.

The South Africa Health Reforms: 2015 – 2020. The Road Ahead

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